Day: May 7, 2021

Stephen Gutowski on NewsNow
Gun Law
The Reload Staff

Gutowski Says Biden Attempting to “Broaden” ATF Authority in “First of its Kind” Move

“Anything that can be readily converted into a receiver can then be regulated as a firearm receiver,” he said. “So, even if something is down to the very base metal block these parts are made of under this rule, with how broad it is, that could be considered a firearm. That block itself would have to be serialized. If you wanted to buy one, you’d have to go through the process that you’d have to go through in order to buy a finished gun that’s fully functional.”

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An unfinished AR-15 lower receiver
Gun Law
Stephen Gutowski

Biden’s ‘Ghost Gun’ Ban Proposal Officially Arrives

The new rule would expand the ATF’s power to determine what constitutes a firearm. It would also make it much more difficult to sell unfinished firearms receivers, especially as part of a gun-building kit. The proposed rule is a nearly identical copy of a draft proposal published by The Reload in April. 

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Stephen Gutowski

Newsletter: On America’s Changing Gun Culture, April’s Record Gun Sales, and the Fate of the NRA

I’ve decided to move the weekly newsletter up to Friday. I think that fits a bit better with most people’s schedules. Everyone can get a roundup of what happened in gun news before the weekend hits. Then, on Sunday, Reload members can read the analysis newsletter to get a better grasp on how this week’s news will affect things moving into the next week (you should, of course, buy a membership today if you want that extra insight). This week was another busy one. First, something fun: I took an in-depth look at a new show that really captures the

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