An attendee examining a rifle at the 2022 NRA Annual Meeting
Gun Law
Jake Fogleman

California Sued Over Gun Show Ban

New attempts by the Golden State to crack down firearm sales at gun shows have drawn a fresh legal challenge from a gun show producer and several gun rights advocates.

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Stephen Gutowski

Newsletter: How a New California Gun Law is Dashing One Girl’s Olympic Ambitions

There’s a lot of gun news coming out of the nation’s most populous state this week. Most important among them is the story of Lola Fitzgerald. She has been shooting skeet and trap since she was nine. Now, at 16, she’s an accomplished shooter looking to make the Olympic team. But a new California gun law is making that an even taller task than it already was. Gun-rights activists are alright fighting to get her back into the game. I talk to one of them in a member-exclusive piece on why he believes the state is flooding the zone with

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