Co-Founders Membership


Co-Founders will receive lifetime access to exclusive Reload content but, more importantly, will help make sure The Reload can succeed as an independent publication.


In addition to getting a lifetime membership with a permanent 30% discount on products and events, Co-Founders will get to help set The Reload on a path to viability. As an independent publication with high ethical standards which bar any possible arrangement where money is traded for influence over our reporting, our only hope for success is through the support of our readers.

Co-Founders are exactly what the name implies: partners to help ensure The Reload is able to produce gun reporting that is unencumbered and unafraid. Their support is as key to the future of The Reload as the reporting done by the other co-founder: award-winning journalist Stephen Gutowski.

This is a special limited-time offer and we can only accept 20 Co-Founders at launch. Each one will get a ticket to a special range day with Stephen Gutowski at the Bull Run Shooting Center in Manassas, Virginia on June 12th, 2021.