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Gutowski on NPR: Two Factors Will Determine the Future of the Gun Debate

“All those new gun owners, especially ones from traditionally Democratic demographics, how they progress in their gun ownership is going to make a big difference five, 10 years down the line on how not just the Republican Party deals with guns but how the Democratic Party deals with it,” he said. “If they become less willing to vote for politicians who advocate stricter gun laws, you could see the Democratic Party adapt to that new reality and move back towards the center on the issue.”

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David Chipman
Gun Politics
Stephen Gutowski

Biden ATF Nominee Backs AR-15 Ban and Registration, Repeatedly Walks Back Controversial Statements in Contentious Hearing

Chipman stood by his call to ban popular rifles including the AR-15, which he described as “particularly lethal,” during his testimony. He said he not only supports a ban on the sale of guns but also a requirement to register currently-owned ones with the ATF. He said AR-15s and other guns should be regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA) which would subject them to a $200 tax stamp and put the same restriction on them as those currently applied to machineguns.

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Fox and Friends First 2.26.2021
Gun Law
The Reload Staff

Gutowski: Texas Adoption ‘Continues the Momentum for Permitless Carry Across the Country’

“I think that this just continues the momentum for permitless carry across the country,” Gutowski said. “It’s the most popular gun policy over the last decade here in America. More popular than even ‘red flag’ laws which have popped up in quite a few states. So, I think with Texas adopting it, if they don’t see any negative repercussions for that, you’ll probably see another of other states adopt this as well.”

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