Day: September 24, 2021

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre attends the 2019 members' meeting
Gun Law
Stephen Gutowski

Analysis: Why Did the NRA Distance Itself From Wayne LaPierre in Court This Week? [Member Exclusive]

Lawyers for the NRA broached a new argument in its dissolution case this week. “Nowhere does the Amended Complaint allege that the purported looting and self-dealing allegedly engaged in by the individual defendants furthered the NRA’s business,” the NRA said in a filing. “Nowhere does the NYAG explain how the alleged false financial filings, which were not alleged to have been reviewed or approved by the Board, advanced the NRA’s business by omitting portions of director income.” That’s the first time there has been space between CEO Wayne LaPierre, who is one of the individual defendants in the case, and

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