Day: June 4, 2021

AR-15s on display at a gun store in Virginia
Gun Law
Stephen Gutowski

California Assault Weapons Ban Struck Down

The court found the state’s ban on the sale of AR-15s and other popular rifles violated the Second Amendment. Judge Roger Benitez ruled the guns targeted by California are in common use. He said the state ran afoul of the constitution in restricting access to them.

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Gun Politics
Stephen Gutowski

Newsletter: Philly Policies Kept Gun-Carry Licenses Away From Residents, and Americans Bought More Than 1.3 Million Guns in May

This week we saw the gun sales surge continue, evidence that Philadelphia’s policies kept residents from getting gun-carry licenses, and polling that presents a major challenge for President Biden’s gun agenda. I also had some more in-depth conversations on guns in America with two major media outlets. Plus we’ve got a gun giveaway as a vaccine incentive, differing perspectives on gun buying, and evidence the NRA’s books have been balanced through heavy expense cuts in the links section.

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